Welcome to Module 5 - Get Traffic

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Module 5 - Notes and Tips:

- If you don't have a lot of budget, start with 1 adset with a $5 daily budget

- DON'T target too broadly, use precised targeting.

- When you're in the testing phase you need to see if your ad matches the audine the you need to start with a very targeted audience because then, it'll be easier to scale to much broader audiences.

- Aim for an audience size that is below 1 million for start.

- If you don't have enough data on the lead event - choose optimization for landing page views ( LPV ) until you get 50 conversions.

- Let the campaign run at least 48 hours before you'll start to make any changes.

- On our Facebook group, tell us about the campaign that you created, we will give you feedback and help you!

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