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Affiliate Revival Software

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Affiliate Revival Software

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Look – we understand that the “work” involved with Affiliate Revival is small, but it can still be daunting, and it can still hold students back…

Thinking of the Facebook Ad Headline... Trying to come up with Ad copy that converts... Writing split-test versions of the headline and ad... Split-testing various options... Creating Facebook Ad Images... And so on and so forth…

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"Fill-in-the-Blanks" Ad Copy Generator That Will Produce Proven, Profitable Ads Every Single Time!

That means you can stop worrying about writing headlines, writing copy, and wondering if it will convert or not... all the tedious stuff NORMALLY involved with setting up your passive traffic machines.

NOW, you can have the software do all the heavy lifting of the tedious tasks FOR you. This means, of course, effortless passive traffic machines! Here's what you will get:

Want To Press a Button and Get Ads?
Our time-saving, profit-boosting software with CREATE ADS FOR YOU! You don't need to slave away for hours trying to come up with headline ideas, ad copy ideas, and images. Our software can do all that for you. It's built for newbies, but has the power to deliver professional results every single time.

Instant, High-Converting Headlines
Answer a few simple questions that our software will ask you, and it will produce 6 proven, high-converting headlines. All headlines are previously tested by us and are proven to be big winners. Want more? Just hit "Generate" to refresh and get more!

Instant Ad Copy PROVEN To Convert
Have you ever sat for 3 hours writing a few paragraphs of ad copy? I know I have 🙂 It can take HOURS to write just 1 ad... Imagine writing 3 variations of the same ad for split testing? It takes forever. Plus, there's always this niggling doubt - "will it convert"? Our Ad Copy Generator will produce High-Converting, Proven Ads... Every single time!

Graphics Tool Coded By Brett Rutecky
Get my personal image creation tool that produces stunning, high-converting ad images. This software was coded by Brett Rutecky who is a well known software developer and vendor. You can produce amazing ad images with a few clicks of your mouse. Watch the demo video to see how simple and it is to use.

DEMO VIDEO: See How Insanely Simple It Is To Create High Converting Ads & Graphics:

How Much Is The Ability To…

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Private Discount Opportunity:

Your private discount comes out to ONLY $47.00 for 95% of the work of Affiliate Revival to be done for you.

Affiliate Revival Software

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